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13th February 2014



I’ve recently been facing something of a dilemma: I’ve entered a couple new fandoms and now have several friends who are on Tumblr, and I’d like to engage with them, but I don’t want to spam all the followers I already have with random shows and personal stuff. So, as of tonight, I’ve started a new blog with the URL, where I will be posting whatever I like. I’m not planning to abandon this blog, however; I’ll still post Avengers videos when the mood strikes, but if anyone would like to follow me over, there it is.

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21st January 2014

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This ain’t no place for no hero
This ain’t no place for no - better man…

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21st January 2014

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Loki - Run Devil Run

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21st January 2014

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9th January 2014

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Creatures from El by Ellen Jewett

Never get tired of these. More: Etsy Deviantart Blog

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14th November 2013

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in the heart of a dying star | frozensify

there are fanvids i love. and then there are fanvids that i’ll hold my breath through, tear up during, and lean forward to watch. this is the road to thor: the dark world. this is emotion and mistakes and thor and loki and everything i didn’t know i wanted after watching the dark world

so watch it. love it.

11th November 2013

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The Joker - Applause

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11th November 2013

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Frostiron - Crash Your Party

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8th November 2013

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Clintasha - Guardian

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8th November 2013

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Frostiron - Turn it Up

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